Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our 3 year old little man

We had a great week celebrating JT turning 3! We had a party at the pool with his friends and then Cars Land and finally at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Jt is such a great boy. He potty trainned himself a few months back,is learning to swim, loves his sisters and best of all his mom and dad! We are blessed to have this little guy in our family!!  Happy Birthday Joseph Talmage!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

almost out of the one digit's

This year Hannah turned 9. I can't believe it. Hannah is also A Giant Fan. She is very creative and can turn anything into a masterpiece. Hannah loves being an older sister and playing the teacher to her younger brother and sister along with their friends. She also has taken up tennis this year and is turning into a good little player. Hannah loves her friends and going to Activity Days at church. Hannah always wants to make Haleigh happy and always sticks up for her. She is a good one to have on your side. Love you Hannah, I am so happy you choose our family.


For those of you who haven't had a chance to hang out with Alex, you are missing out! Alex is full of spunk! There is never a dull moment with her. She is an incredible reader, friend, helper,and lately her new love is swimming! She has become a little fish! We joined a pool and this will be our first year on a swim team. Alex loves attention and she will entertain you! She too like her sister and dad love the Giants. (whats up with that) oh well. Happy 7th Alex! You always make me smile!


So it's official! I have a teenager!!! How did this happen?!? Well as you can see my little Haleigh has turned into a beautiful girl. She is such a big help to me especially since Andrew is so busy at work. She is always having to watch one of her siblings. I remember someone telling me when she was born that you will love having a girl first and we have! As you can tell Haleigh loves to take pictures of herself as well as anyone else that wants to jump in the picture. She loves the group one direction and for her birthday she got tickets for the concert (which the lucky person that is going with her is her cousin Justin). She loves the Giants and bought (not with my approval) a Beat LA hat with her own money. She has also figured out this year that babysitting is a great way to earn her spending money. If she is not babysitting for me then she is for someone else. I feel so blessed to have Haleigh as a daughter!

Spring Break

This Spring Break we headed for some sun with  our good friends the Whickers! What a great time! Baseball, pool, visiting family,yummy food, mesa temple,rock climbing and most of all time together!
                                     Brenda entertaining JT
                         So I inherited the love of pulling teeth out after my mom. Maybe I should of been a dentist.
                               enjoying the pool and lazy river

                                    Sweet tooth fairy! Yummy!
                                      Visiting Aunt Marilyn in her first grade class where Alex read to them.
                                  Smelly cat Haleigh! On the plane ride home.
                                 Daddy and JT. Spring Training Giants game
                                      Hanging by the pool.
                                        Out in the Desert they wondered.
                                   Cade and Haleigh enjoying some Yummy drinks


Random Huh? Well I lost of lot of pictures by deleting accidently off  my phone but found this one of my beautiful kids Easter morning. I think Nordstrom should use it as an ad since I bought everything but JT's shirt there. Anyways we were home for Easter after our spring break trip to Arizona.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I remember a song that I would sing about dad when I was younger. Today I will change it to mom.

My moms the greatest mom. And my moms the strongest mom. And my moms the bravest mom of any mom around.. Maybe I'll introduce you then you'll know that it's the truth that my mom my moms the greatest mom around.

Today as everyday I am thankful to have a mom who loves me no matter what I do or say. She always has been an incredible example to me of how to service and share with everyone. She has taught me how to be the mom I am today.

I love you mom, more than you will ever know.

Happy Mother's Day!

And to my two amazing sisters. Thank you for your love, examples, and friendship! You always amaze me at everything you do.Thank you for being my big sisters and loving me for who I am.

To my kiddos. Life would be pretty boring without you. You make my life complete. You make me smile,laugh, cry, crazy, proud, I am a better person because of all of you. Love you forever and like you for always! Thank you for making me a mom.

And to my Grandma VJ and Derelys, I think of you often and terribly miss you both!

I am blessed to have/had these amazing women in my life.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gotta love JT

The last couple of days JT has decided he doesn't need to wear a shirt. So he just takes it off and walks around (remember it is only in the 50's)  We were just looking at chocolate dipped strawberries (on the computer) and he says "can I eat it" then when I said we don't have them here, he says" can we make it?"

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy 2012!!!!
Well another year has come and gone with many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! (Of course I am sure there were some that weren't so wonderful but that another story). As always we spent the week between Christmas and New Year's in southern California where we enjoyed 80+ weather. JT received a build a bear gift card from his Aunt Ann and family and we all watched him as he created"Hot Dog" the wiener dog. We had fun at Olivera Street eating yummy taquitos, celebrating Dave,Alexa and Ryan's birthdays at Farrell's, Ice skating, and of course The Rose Parade to name a few. It is always fun catching up with my cousins. There were many missed this year but hope to see them next year. We decided to run a half marathon in June with all the cousins who can make it. Fun huh?